Total Channel Communications

Frequently Asked Questions

How customizable are the e-newsletter templates?
Extremely. All templates can be completely customized to reflect your brand, and are easily changed should you decide you want to adjust your layout, topics, or content. Or we can create a template for your specific content sections and needs. If you need to change it as your e-newsletter evolves, that's easy too.

What kind of technology and computer programming skills do we need to publish a Total Channel Communications e-newsletter?
Just access to the Internet and a web browser. Your e-newsletters, subscriber lists and readership analytics are hosted by IMN. Total Channel Communications is very easy and intuitive to use. No special skills, including HTML, are required.

Who sends out the e-newsletter?
We send it out and track it for you.

Does IMN provide training and support?
We're happy to support you with any training that you may need. We can provide both one-on-one training and support, and access to self-help tutorials.

How is your post-sale service?
Excellent. Our service is one reason why our customers choose us over the competition.

How long does it take to set up a Total Channel Communications e-newsletter?
Once you've supplied us with your graphics, just a couple of hours.

Is information generated by the delivery and content analytics easy to interpret?
Absolutely. The reports deliver rich yet highly actionable insights in a simple, graphical format.

Total Channel Communications

    Success is on tap for SAP Business One Channel Partners with TCC


    For Avnet, TCC is the sales program that sells itself. In just sIx months, one of Avnet’s partners was able to close a deal worth more than $600,000 through the TCC program.


    Netsirk found what it was looking for with IMN’s Total Channel Communications (TCC) program. Netsirk credits the TCC program with driving $100,000 in new business and for adding an estimated $500,000 to its sales pipeline within the first six months.